Safer and Smarter Homes for All

Often, when it comes to a product like Sentri, the story is the product — the what and the how, but today, we wanted to also share the story of who and why we created Sentri, and our vision of safer and smarter homes for all. 

When I was a university student, I remember coming home from class one day and noticing that the door was pushed slightly ajar. ‘Strange’, I thought — as my roommates and I would always diligently lock the door behind us when we left.  And it was strange — because what I found inside were drawers left hanging open, desk papers shuffled — and electronics missing.

I was horrified, but beyond filing a police report — there was nothing we could do. We were renters, college students on the move who didn’t fit the profile of traditional home security companies. Fast forward several years, and I still fit that profile — a renter in San Francisco with few options when it comes to home security (except maybe now I care a bit more about home decor now).

And it wasn’t a gap that only I felt either — our founding team (Yen, Ray, Rical, and myself) — hail from Taipei and San Francisco, two cities that are literally languages and oceans apart. But we universally felt the pains that came with not knowing more about our homes, and understood how invaluable a peace of mind truly was.

So we came together to build our namesake product, Sentri — something that could instantly bring a greater peace of mind to any home through a core set of tools — including a wide-angle camera to get to hard-to-see places, real-time security alerts, and sensors that tracked our home’s environmental health.  But we didn’t want to just build another home monitoring product — we knew how much home meant to each of us and for someone to invite Sentri into their home, we needed to build products and experiences that brought the magic of home to life.

We set to work to not just bring these core set of features to market, but we knew that tools by themselves aren’t always the most useful. We needed to design an entire experience that would be simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough to grow with a home and the people who lived there.  And, we wanted to make it beautiful — something that we would be proud to see in our homes, and that we could personalize to make our own. Our hardware design is inspired by the simplicity of a frame, and like any good frame, it’s about the stories that they hold and tell.

In Sentri’s case, the story that we’re telling is of our homes themselves — by bringing a home’s key vital readings to the forefront (temperature, humidity, air quality, and alerts related to our home) through an interactive 10.1″ touchscreen, in addition to apps built for iOS and Android (because really, how amazing is it that technology gives us the ability to be home from anywhere?). After all, a home’s physical security is only part of the story, and understanding how your home’s environmental health may change over time is just as important. Imagine if you knew what the effect of your new furniture was on your air quality, how changes in your home’s humidity affected your allergies —  we’re merely scratching the surface of what we know about our homes and the stories they have to share with us.

We’re thrilled to make every home safer and smarter with Sentri, and look forward to bringing a greater peace of mind to your home.

Sentri is now available for pre-order  for $299, and will be coming to a home near you (including yours!) on November 27.