Stretch goal #2 (built in battery) reached!




we have reached our second stretch goal of $350,000! What this means is that your Sentri will not only come with our originally planned fully-integrated suite of sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, and light) and HD wide angle camera, but will also include an Ethernet port and SD card slot (our first stretch goal!) AND a built-in battery.

With just nine hours left in our campaign, please continue to help spread the word (Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.) for exclusive access to one of the very first Sentri units and help us work towards our final stretch goal at $500,000 of also including a touchscreen.

THANK YOU again for sharing in our dream of building smarter and safer homes — Sentri would not be possible without you!

Five Devices to Make Your Home Smarter

As the IoT space continues to evolve, how can you get started in making your home smarter and safer? We compiled a list of some of our favorites here:


1. Sentri: A Smart Home Security Solution for Everyone

Sentri is a smart home security solution that integrates an HD wide angle camera, motion detector, and sensors that track temperature, humidity, and air quality levels in one compact and customizable LCD screen.  Along with a free accompanying mobile app, stay informed with real-time alerts about what irregularities at home, whether it’s triggered by unexpected intrusion or a sudden change in temperature.   Sentri also gives you the ability to view and control other smart devices from one central location.

Perfect for: Anyone who cares about home security. Someone who owns multiple smart devices OR someone who is just getting started.

Cost: Available on Kickstarter now starting at $249

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2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest, the original learning thermostat, gives you control over your home’s temperature, no matter where you are.  Like Sentri, Nest will learn your patterns over time and adjust the temperature accordingly — ensuring that you’re always in your ideal climate zone.

Perfect for: Homes where temperature regulation is key

Cost: $249 (pre-tax) from various retailers, including Amazon and Lowe’s

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3. August Smart Lock 

The August Smart Lock is the secure, simple, and social way to manage your home’s lock. Control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes. And you can do it all from your smartphone or computer.

Perfect for: Vacation homes, rentals, premises which require multiple individual entry

Cost: Now taking pre-orders at $199

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4. Hue: Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips hue is a personal wireless lighting solution that is customizable and programmable from your smartphone.  Turn lights on and off remotely, and program how soft or hard you want the light to be.

Perfect for: Homes with many lights; setting light ambience with sound

Cost: $199 (pre-tax) from various retailers, including Apple and Amazon

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5. WeMo Switch

The Belkin Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Switch lets you turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere. The WeMo Switch uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, heaters, fans and more.

Perfect for: Controlling basic turn on/turn off functions of electronics

Cost: $49.99 (pre-tax) from the Belkin shop

Sentri: Welcome to a Smarter Home

How are we building the home of tomorrow? Watch this video and support us on Kickstarter to see how Sentri is helping create smarter and safer homes.  Read our exclusive interview on to learn more about our vision for smarter homes.

Kickstarter Goal Reached in First 48 Hours


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… to all our amazing Kickstarter backers.  Thanks to the 500+ of you, we were able to reach our Kickstarter goal of $200,000 in the first 48 hours.  More than that, you’ve also provided us with invaluable feedback about what you’d like to see from Sentri that we’re currently in the works of seeing how to best integrate.

In the coming days, be sure to keep your eyes out for stretch goals and updates that incorporate some of the most popular pieces of feedback we’ve received.  And of course, feel free to reach out at any time at — we’d love to hear from you and thank you again for partnering with us to create smarter and safer homes.

Want to help more?

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