Sentris First Pop Up Shop

Part of what makes Sentri so unique is how simple it is to set up — making it the ultimate portable security device. So when Westfield asked us to be part of their pop-up Maker’s Lounge this week in downtown San Francisco, we were able to get it set up in seconds — no complex installation or wiring needed (or even phone needed).


Come lounge with us!

And taking it down each night? Just as easy! We loved being able to create a small oasis in the mall, and showing how Sentri could blend into any environment.  Here’s some moments we captured throughout the week on the Sentri cam:


#Buildingtogether with Sentri and OrangeFab

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.10.13 AMOne of the tenets we live by here at Sentri is of #buildingtogether — whether it’s with our customers or other companies who share in our same vision of protecting what matters and ultimately creating the best experience for our community.  To that end, we’re excited to announce our involvement in the fourth season of OrangeFab, an initiative of telecom company Orange that’s largely focused on helping growing companies — like Sentri — connect with some of the largest brands in the world (e.g., Orange, Visa, Hilton, AXA, LG) to partner in bringing the better experiences for our customers.  This season, Sentri was one of 14 companies selected from over 400 candidates to participate in this one-of-a-kind partnership.

We’re excited by the possibilities partnerships like this can empower (imagine your hotel room being adjusted to the exact microclimate you’re most comfortable in, displaying pictures from your personal Instagram feed — no matter where you find yourself in the world, or being able to use Sentri as an extension of your home’s entertainment system).

We’d love to also hear YOUR feedback on the types of companies you’d like to see Sentri work with. This can involve interoperability with other products, which many of you have already reached out to use about, and more than that, it can also be partnerships you’d like to see happen (e.g., Sentri in hotels, residential complexes, stores, etc.).  Who would you want to see Sentri #buildingtogether with?