Five Questions to Ask When Buying Your First Smart Home Product


What should you look for when buying your first smart home product?

Smart homes seem to be all the buzz these days … but what exactly goes into making your home a “smart” home? And is it something that you even really need? We broke down some of the key questions to consider when buying your first smart home product.

  • What makes this product “smart”? Does it offer an added peace of mind (remote camera access, alerts you of potential break-ins, alerts you of potential environmental hazards in the home)? More convenience (remote control of your home)? Saves energy?  What does it show you about your home that you didn’t know before?
  • How easy it to set up and use? We all love smart products, but we also want to make sure they’re simple to set up and use! Does it require complex installation, or is it essentially ready to go out of the box? Do you need to have any extra cables or cords to get it set up?Also, how easy is it to move around? If you love to travel or like the idea of taking your home with you wherever you go, portability is always a big question. How easy is it to take a product with you, and how easily will it fit into a new home?
  • How is it getting smarter over time? Part of the promise of the smart home is that it’s not just another piece of hardware you buy for your home — it’s something that has the ability to constantly improve over time … and you’ll want to make sure your first smart home product can do just that!
  • Can I connect it to other products in my home?  What other products will it work with? How do they work together? You’ll likely be thinking about how to build out your home with other smart home products/services in the future, so how can they all connect together?
  • How does it make your home more you? As great as smart home products are, you’ll want to consider how they fit into your home. Does the design complement your personal style? How can you personalize and customize it to make it even “more you”?


How to: Your First Week With Sentri

Congratulations on getting your Sentri set up! We know that was ridiculously easy to set up, and the touchscreen is just irresistible to play with. But don’t be fooled by how simple Sentri is to use — it’s packed with some serious tech power and options to personalize so we wanted to call out a few things that you shouldn’t miss during your first week with your Sentri.


Everything you need to get your Sentri set up

Here are five key things you’ll want to be sure to check out in your new all-in-one home security AND control unit.

  • Check In When You’re Away. Start a ‘live’ video stream from your phone on the Sentri app — now you’ll always know what the household pup is up to when you’re away (and how many treats he sneaks in when you’re not lookin’). 
  • Lights on, lights off. Turn on that Philip Hue light and adjust your Nest thermostat, straight from one Sentri app
  • Catch the Thief! Put Sentri on ‘away’ mode and have someone walk in front of it — check out the snapshot and recorded video clip afterwards!
  • Your Week, In Review. Review all the events, moments, and snapshots from the past week on our timeline straight from the Sentri device — only fingertips required
  • Express Yourself. Change up the background of your Sentri — sunset? sunrise?  Seas or mountains? We’ve got you covered.

Sentri also gets smarter over time — it’ll learn the alerts that matter most to you (you can always tell Sentri which alerts are ‘false alarms’ by marking them in your mobile app), so that you’ll get the info you really need to keep your home safer — and smarter.

Already own a Sentri? Let us know how you use your Sentri with the hashtag #sentriathome. Looking to get your own Sentri? We’re currently sold out, but sign up to reserve your Sentri now to get $20 off AND be the first to know when Sentri is available again