Sentri + Touchscreen = Even More Personalization


We’re all about co-creation, and after nearly 300 surveys and countless conversations later, we’re excited to announce that Sentri will be shipping with touchscreen this year.   Touchscreen has been something we’ve heard many members of our community ask for, and while it’s always been on our radar, was difficult to fulfill based on our size.  In large part because of the enthusiasm we’ve seen from our community, however, we’ve been able to negotiate with our suppliers and manufacturers to bring that ask to life when we release our first Sentri units this year.

What does this mean?

You’ll have even greater control over the most elegant monitoring and control system on the market to protect what matters most to you. Simply walk up to your Sentri to turn on the lights and change the background.  No need to worry about granting access to visitors, or having guests download the mobile app.

And what’s more — we’ll be offering it to you for the same price of $299 when you reserve your unit today (your card will be charged only when your unit ships!).

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Happy Halloween from the Sentri Team!


Photo credits go to {just jennifer} and

Happy Halloween from the Sentri team! We were thinking of how to customize our Sentri screen to celebrate the end of a Spooktacular October and loved these amazing photos/creativity from the Flickr community.   How will you customize your Sentri screen?

How Sentri Works

One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received is — how exactly does Sentri work? When we created Sentri, we wanted to give you the simplest solution possible, and ‘elegant simplicity’ lies at the heart of our design principle.

Here’s What to Expect Out of the Box

Place Sentri in a main entryway of your home or your living room (suggested if you only have one Sentri), plug it in, connect it to your WiFi, and let Sentri get to work in learning more about you.  Sentri will start sending you alerts to your phone about the state of your home, including your home’s security (physical security and environmental state), and suggestions of little steps you can take (or let Sentri make for you) to make your home safer and more attuned to your own personal needs.

How Sentri Connects to Other Smart Devices

If you own other smart devices (such as a Nest Learning Thermostat or Philip Hue’s smart light), monitor and control these devices directly from your Sentri device or mobile app.  When you turn your Sentri on, Sentri will do a quick scan around your home via your home’s WiFi network to see if there are any other devices/systems it can connect with. Name them what you want on Sentri and let Sentri do the rest.

If you decide to buy another smart device down the road to complement your Sentri, set them up on the same local network at home (e.g., your home’s WiFi network) and Sentri will prompt you to see if you want to add the new device to your Sentri.

Personalizing Sentri

We believe that technology should be personal, and more than just giving you the ability to learn more from your home, it should also enhance your home to make it more you. Sentri gives you a 10″ screen to personalize the look of your home with the ability to display your own photos directly on the Sentri screen.  Make immediate use of the designer themes that Sentri comes pre-loaded with, or show your own via Sentri’s SD card slot.

Choose from a variety of layouts (for example, a clock and basic dashboard) to personalize it with the information you need.  After all, this is your home, and the most effective technologies will be the ones that play by your rules.

We’re excited to see what you do with your Sentri!


Thank you …

A month and 1,239 new friends later, Sentri’s Kickstarter campaign has officially concluded. A huge THANK YOU to all our backers and fans for helping bring Sentri to life, and sharing in our vision of creating smarter and safer homes. Thanks to you, we’ve been able to raise more than $390,000, and you’ll be the very first to receive your own Sentri unit.

One of the main reasons we decided to launch Sentri on Kickstarter was because we didn’t want to just build a product, we wanted to build a product with a community that shared in our vision and beliefs that our homes should be smarter and safer. And we found just that — throughout our campaign, the curiosity and feedback from our backers have helped us continue to expand our product … including helping us shape some immediate features we can add. Because of your support, the first Sentris that ship will not only include a security camera and motion detector along with a full-suite of environmental features that track humidity, temperature, and air quality, they’ll also include an Ethernet port, SD card slot, and built-in battery.

And now, even though our Kickstarter campaign is over, Sentri and the conversation we’ve started here is just beginning. Stay in touch with us by e-mail (, FacebookLinkedIn, and/or Twitter — thank you again for all your support and we can’t wait to share Sentri with you.

Stretch goal #2 (built in battery) reached!




we have reached our second stretch goal of $350,000! What this means is that your Sentri will not only come with our originally planned fully-integrated suite of sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, motion, and light) and HD wide angle camera, but will also include an Ethernet port and SD card slot (our first stretch goal!) AND a built-in battery.

With just nine hours left in our campaign, please continue to help spread the word (Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.) for exclusive access to one of the very first Sentri units and help us work towards our final stretch goal at $500,000 of also including a touchscreen.

THANK YOU again for sharing in our dream of building smarter and safer homes — Sentri would not be possible without you!

Five Devices to Make Your Home Smarter

As the IoT space continues to evolve, how can you get started in making your home smarter and safer? We compiled a list of some of our favorites here:


1. Sentri: A Smart Home Security Solution for Everyone

Sentri is a smart home security solution that integrates an HD wide angle camera, motion detector, and sensors that track temperature, humidity, and air quality levels in one compact and customizable LCD screen.  Along with a free accompanying mobile app, stay informed with real-time alerts about what irregularities at home, whether it’s triggered by unexpected intrusion or a sudden change in temperature.   Sentri also gives you the ability to view and control other smart devices from one central location.

Perfect for: Anyone who cares about home security. Someone who owns multiple smart devices OR someone who is just getting started.

Cost: Available on Kickstarter now starting at $249

Picture 24

2. Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest, the original learning thermostat, gives you control over your home’s temperature, no matter where you are.  Like Sentri, Nest will learn your patterns over time and adjust the temperature accordingly — ensuring that you’re always in your ideal climate zone.

Perfect for: Homes where temperature regulation is key

Cost: $249 (pre-tax) from various retailers, including Amazon and Lowe’s

Picture 25

3. August Smart Lock 

The August Smart Lock is the secure, simple, and social way to manage your home’s lock. Control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes. And you can do it all from your smartphone or computer.

Perfect for: Vacation homes, rentals, premises which require multiple individual entry

Cost: Now taking pre-orders at $199

Picture 26

4. Hue: Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips hue is a personal wireless lighting solution that is customizable and programmable from your smartphone.  Turn lights on and off remotely, and program how soft or hard you want the light to be.

Perfect for: Homes with many lights; setting light ambience with sound

Cost: $199 (pre-tax) from various retailers, including Apple and Amazon

Picture 27

5. WeMo Switch

The Belkin Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Switch lets you turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere. The WeMo Switch uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of TVs, lamps, stereos, heaters, fans and more.

Perfect for: Controlling basic turn on/turn off functions of electronics

Cost: $49.99 (pre-tax) from the Belkin shop

Sentri: Welcome to a Smarter Home

How are we building the home of tomorrow? Watch this video and support us on Kickstarter to see how Sentri is helping create smarter and safer homes.  Read our exclusive interview on to learn more about our vision for smarter homes.

Always be Crowdsourcing: Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding


Earlier this week, our team launched our first Kickstarter campaign withSentri, a smart home security solution designed to give you full visibility and control of your home, providing intelligence on everything from humidity, temperature, and air quality to traditional features like an HD video camera and motion detector – no matter where you are. In the first 48 hours, we were able to hit our $200,000 goal with nearly 600 backers globally … as any crowdfunder will tell you, it’s a thrilling experience, but it’s a journey that starts long before you hit launch on your campaign.

What this experience has taught us more than anything was the importance of always crowdsourcing, and constantly incorporating it as part of the product’s development. To a lot of people, a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign may seem like the beginning – the beginning of market validating, of testing out the right fit, the right value proposition . .. and it is. But as any campaign creator will tell you, there’s a ton of work that goes on behind it, but how can you constantly learn from that work and iterate on it?

A/B Tests

The answer we’ve found – always be crowdsourcing. Listening to our users, both in what they said and how they acted, has guided the development of our product from day one, and something we both firmly believe in and have seen tangible results from. When we first came up with the idea of Sentri, one of the big questions we needed to address was landing on a name. Sentri and Kronosight were two of the top contenders, and we decided to put the vote out to actual potential customers. Using just $40 — a small price to pay for a naming exercise — we put this to the test on Facebook, combining copy around smart homes with different names. Ads that had the name ‘Sentri’ had a 4x higher clickthrough rate than any other name — leading us to where we are today.


Second, and arguably one of the most important factors of any marketing campaign – crowdfunded or not, was the value proposition. We took full advantage of Kickstarter’s preview function and asked well over 200 people for their input in making sure the value proposition resonated to different audience groups. It wasn’t just about asking people blindly either – we carefully made sure to characterize each individual depending on certain traits such as basic demographics (age and where they lived) in addition to their general affinity for tech and home improvement, so that we were capturing different perspectives.

We quickly realized that while people were drawn to the idea of a smart home, what sold them was the ability to use that intelligence to make their homes safer – so it wasn’t just about smart homes, but a smarter home security solution that created safer homes. Our story of bringing intelligence to homes and consumers remained unchanged, but the value proposition was one that enabled us to speak to a much broader audience.


Now that we have launched our campaign, we’ve seen higher than average traffic from two areas: emerging markets like India and Russia, and also the high conversion rate of those who watch our Kickstarter video. We’re actually now in the middle of taking this information launch a global search campaign that will specifically target these areas – markets which we had very little visibility into before – and making sure that some reference to our video is a part of every campaign we run.

‘Always be crowdsourcing’ is a principle we’ve always taken seriously, and I’m sure that you’ll see more instances of it coming from not just our Kickstarter campaign, but the development of Sentri itself. After all, designing for humans first is all about listening to the voice of the user, and one that’s particularly true for the crowdfunded product.

Sentri, an all-in-one smart home security solution and smart device hub, is currently live on Kickstarter at

Kickstarter Goal Reached in First 48 Hours


Picture 20

… to all our amazing Kickstarter backers.  Thanks to the 500+ of you, we were able to reach our Kickstarter goal of $200,000 in the first 48 hours.  More than that, you’ve also provided us with invaluable feedback about what you’d like to see from Sentri that we’re currently in the works of seeing how to best integrate.

In the coming days, be sure to keep your eyes out for stretch goals and updates that incorporate some of the most popular pieces of feedback we’ve received.  And of course, feel free to reach out at any time at — we’d love to hear from you and thank you again for partnering with us to create smarter and safer homes.

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