The Security Dilemma: Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

With technology evolving so quickly, it’s difficult to determine what type of storage is best for you. Hard drive, solid state drive, cloud drive … which one really works and best suits your needs?

Unfortunately, the answer is a vague one — it depends. But when it comes to surveillance and security for the smart home, cloud storage is the go-to option. Here’s why.

To start, here’s a diagram of how the cloud works:

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As you see, no information is actually stored on any of the physical devices. Because of this, the cloud holds several advantages over traditional storage.

Reliability: Hard drives are known to be corrupted or fail altogether. On the other hand, cloud storage is constantly backed up (think Google Drive) to prevent data loss.

Security: Also, since your information in the cloud is stored in a secure, remote location (protected by bank-level encryption, no less), cloud data is quite difficult to steal.  We can’t even access your Sentri video. Comparatively, a fragile local storage device like an SD card can be easily stolen, lost, or broken. In the event of a house robbery, it is all too easy for a thief to remove an SD card, destroying all video evidence of the crime. With cloud storage, even if the Sentri is stolen altogether, you would still have remote access to the surveillance footage.

Space: This is literally what storage is all about. When you’re taking video, space disappears pretty fast (just think about your mobile phone). With Sentri’s HD video, 120 minutes of recorded video could easily takes up an entire gigabyte of space. Cameras need to have available space in order to record video, even if the footage is meant to be deleted immediately after. So, although Sentri may only save short clips when activity is detected, it needs an abundance of storage to keep recording.

That’s the expanding power of the cloud: unlike an SD card, the cloud will not suddenly run out of space. On our plans, you can store as much cloud video as you want within the given time period.

Convenience: With cloud storage, you can access your video from pretty much anywhere. If you have Internet, you have the cloud at your fingertips. What does this mean for you? You’ll have a more reliable, scalable, and safer connection between your Sentri and you — wherever you are. 

Sentri is an all-in-one home monitoring solution that gives you the power to know what’s happening at home, no matter where you are. We help you protect your home with a live-video monitoring, customized security settings, and access to your home’s environmental health — and we use industry-leading cloud technology to keep your home and your data safe, secure, and always accessible. 

Happy Veterans’ Day: Three Quick Tips on Protecting What Matters


With Veterans’ Day this Wednesday, we are grateful for the men and women who embody the value of protecting what matters. Peace of mind is something that carries over into our homes — and in honor of Veteran’s Day, here are some steps to take to protect what matters in your home. 

When we think of home, what comes to mind? More than a physical space, we think of our family, our pets, belongings, the memories that go along with it … the list goes on. But how exactly do we safeguard the things we love and protect what matters? Traditional means of security like door locks only go so far, and houses and cars are still constantly being broken into (did you know that a home in the US is broken into once every 13 seconds? Source: FBI

In addition to locking your doors and windows when you leave, you can use a few of these ideas to keep your home safe.

  1. Try setting automatic lights so it looks like there’s someone home. Burglars are far less likely to enter an occupied house. You can use an automatic light timer, or, if you want to be able to turn off your lights anywhere, try a WeMo smart switch!
  2. Make sure to place your valuables in a security safe or tucked away in secret, obscure places. In the event of a robbery, the last thing you want taken is your family heirlooms and jewelry.
  3. Consider investing in a security system. Homes with security are far less likely to be burgalar You can hire a security company to install home-wide alarms and sensors; or, if you’re looking for something more cost-effective and compact, consider getting a self-monitoring solution like Sentri.  Either way, be sure to take advantage of modern sensor and camera technology to ensure that your home is secure.

Thanks to our troops and veterans for their courage and bravery, and helping #protectwhatmatters!