How do you use Sentri?

While Sentri’s 120-degree camera and customizable security settings can help you monitor what’s happening at home, even when you’re not there — its all-in-one capabilities do so much more. See how some of our community members use Sentri:


I use Sentri to control all the lights in my home — it’s like having a “master switch” for all of them from one screen!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 1.12.33 AM

I use Sentri to keep an eye on my furry friends at home when I’m not there! I want to make sure that they’re comfortable — and also just to be able to see them throughout the day brings moments of joy.


I use Sentri to monitor my wine cellar — things like temperature and humidity a lot to me and I like being able to see both the current readings, as well as how these values change over time!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.43.05 PM

I use Sentri as a way to watch my kids! It’s not just about making sure they’re safe, but also about capturing the moments throughout the day as I watch them grow up. I like having the flexibility to “rewind” and look back at all the snapshots and videos captured on Sentri.

I use Sentri to help me feel my best — monitoring my home’s humidity and air quality allows me to prepare for allergies, and understand what triggers set my allergies off!

How do you imagine using your Sentri? Let us know with the hashtag #SentriatHome on Twitter, post it on our Facebook wall, or e-mail us at and we might just send you one! ūüôā

Recent updates … and NEW features coming!

One of the principles we’ve built Sentri around from the very start is that it’s always getting smarter —¬†and doing so in a way that doesn’t require you to do a thing! Every couple weeks (or less some times ;)), Sentri gets a fresh new update that improves the experience (optimizing performance, fixing bugs) AND also adds some cool new functionality. What have we updated recently? Take a look below — and make sure your Sentri has all the¬†latest and greatest:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.38.26 PM copy

v1.7.511110 (released 11/11)

  • ‚ÄčDevice control on the Sentri screen¬†— Now you can control your WeMo switches, Hue lights, and Nest thermostat straight from the Sentri touchscreen! (swipe right twice from the main screen to access this screen)
  • Remove connected devices¬†— Want to remove the devices you have connected to Sentri? No problem — go into the settings screen (swipe left once) and click “Remove connected devices”. Also available on the iOS and Android apps
  • Playback video alerts straight from the Sentri screen¬†— Review your videos directly from Sentri itself on the “timeline” view (swipe right once to access)
  • New Theme: Auto-rotating backgrounds —¬†Automatically change up your Sentri’s look and feel with a theme that automatically rotates through our collection of custom backgrounds
output_4uofrx (1)
‚Äčv1.7.511190 (released 11/19)
  • Military Time —¬†Prefer to read your time as 16:45? We added the option for you to choose to display your time in either 12 or 24 hour time
  • Eco Mode —¬†Schedule when your Sentri screen turns ‘off’ (by default, we’ve set it to be between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.), or choose to manually turn your Sentri screen ‘off’ or ‘on’. Tap it once to wake your Sentri up for 30 seconds
‚Äčv1.7.51202 (released 12/2)
  • Your unit has been updated! — Receive an alert every time your unit has been updated along with the update version
v1.7.512090 (released 12/9)
  • Manually update your Sentri — Missed out on the latest update? Manually trigger an update to make sure your Sentri is updated with the latest and greatest
Coming in the next two weeks
  • Add your own pictures! — Connect your Dropbox directly to Sentri and customize the look and feel of your Sentri with your own pictures


The Security Dilemma: Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

With technology evolving so quickly, it’s difficult to determine what type of storage is best for you. Hard drive, solid state drive, cloud drive ‚Ķ which one really works and best suits your needs?

Unfortunately, the answer is a vague one — it depends. But when it comes to surveillance and security for the smart home, cloud storage is the go-to option. Here’s why.

To start, here’s a diagram of how the cloud works:

Cloud Blog

As you see, no information is actually stored on any of the physical devices. Because of this, the cloud holds several advantages over traditional storage.

Reliability: Hard drives are known to be corrupted or fail altogether. On the other hand, cloud storage is constantly backed up (think Google Drive) to prevent data loss.

Security: Also, since your information in the cloud is stored in a secure, remote location (protected by bank-level encryption, no less), cloud data is quite difficult to steal.  We can’t even access your Sentri video. Comparatively, a fragile local storage device like an SD card can be easily stolen, lost, or broken. In the event of a house robbery, it is all too easy for a thief to remove an SD card, destroying all video evidence of the crime. With cloud storage, even if the Sentri is stolen altogether, you would still have remote access to the surveillance footage.

Space: This is literally what storage is all about. When you’re taking video, space disappears pretty fast (just think about your mobile phone). With Sentri’s HD video, 120 minutes of recorded video could easily takes up an entire gigabyte of space. Cameras need to have available space in order to record video, even if the footage is meant to be deleted immediately after. So, although Sentri may only save short clips when activity is detected, it needs an abundance of storage to keep recording.

That’s the expanding power of the cloud: unlike an SD card, the cloud will not suddenly run out of space. On our plans, you can store as much cloud video as you want within the given time period.

Convenience: With cloud storage, you can access your video from pretty much anywhere. If you have Internet, you have the cloud at your fingertips. What does this mean for you?¬†You’ll have a more reliable, scalable, and safer connection between your Sentri and you — wherever you are.¬†

Sentri¬†is an all-in-one home monitoring solution that gives you the power to know what’s happening at home, no matter where you are. We help you protect your home with a live-video monitoring, customized security settings, and access to your home’s environmental health — and we use industry-leading cloud technology to keep your home and your data safe, secure, and always accessible.¬†

Eco Mode and Military Time Coming to Your Sentri!


This week, we released two new features that many of our community members have been asking for: Eco Mode and the ability to switch between 24-hour and 12-hour time.

  • Eco Mode¬†lets you turn off the Sentri screen (and save energy!) quickly and easily by:
    • Setting your own schedule — want the screen off every night? Schedule it between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. or any other time interval for some smart dimming!
    • Turn it on / off manually
    • The Sentri screen always dims after 30 minutes of inactivity when in ‘away’ mode
  • 23:00? 11:00?¬†Your choice — choose how you would like your time displayed in Sentri’s signature display & look

All these updates go to your Sentri units over-the-air — meaning you don’t have to do a thing, no buttons to push, no links to click — just part of how Sentri is always getting smarter.

Have suggestions of your own? Let us know! These were features upgraded based directly on feedback from our community, and we’d love to include your voice.

Curious how you can get your hands on a Sentri? Pre-order yours today for only $299, and get it delivered on Nov. 27, just in time for the holidays. Be the first to get your Sentri AND get free shipping.

Five Questions to Ask When Buying Your First Smart Home Product


What should you look for when buying your first smart home product?

Smart homes seem to be all the buzz these days … but what exactly goes into making your home a “smart” home? And is it something that you even really need? We broke down some of the key questions to consider when buying your first smart home product.

  • What makes this product “smart”?¬†Does it offer an added peace of mind (remote camera access, alerts you of potential break-ins, alerts you of potential environmental hazards in the home)? More convenience (remote control of your home)? Saves energy? ¬†What does it show you about your home that you didn’t know before?
  • How easy it to set up and use? We all love smart products, but we also want to make sure they’re simple to set up and use! Does it require complex installation, or is it essentially ready to go out of the box? Do you need to have any extra cables or cords to get it set up?Also, how easy is it to move around? If you love to travel or like the idea of taking your home with you wherever you go, portability is always a big question. How easy is it to take a product with you, and how easily will it fit into a new home?
  • How is it getting smarter over time?¬†Part of the promise of the smart home is that it’s not just another piece of hardware you buy for your home — it’s something that has the ability to constantly improve over time … and you’ll want to make sure your first smart home product can do just that!
  • Can I connect it to other products in my home?¬†¬†What other products will it work with? How do they work together? You’ll likely be thinking about how to build out your home with other smart home products/services in the future, so how can they all connect together?
  • How does it make your home more you?¬†As great as smart home products are, you’ll want to consider how they fit into your home. Does the design complement your personal style? How can you personalize and customize it to make it even “more you”?


New Features Coming to Your Sentri!


All your devices — straight from your Sentri. No phones required.

One of the exciting things about Sentri is that it’s¬†always getting smarter.¬†Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest update that will bring even more power to your Sentri to help protect what matters in making your home safer and smarter.

Look out for:

  • Trigger a siren on your Sentri device‚Äč
  • Video playback on Sentri itself
  • Device control on the Sentri touchscreen itself — Sentri works with Hue, Nest, and WeMo
  • Auto-rotating theme. Now you don’t have to choose between all the images we have for you. Set it to auto-rate to get a new background every time you look.
  • An improved motion detection algorithm

We’ll be rolling out this update starting today and all Sentris¬†should be updated by the end of the week!¬†Have an idea on a feature you’d like to see? Let us know! Many of our feature updates are developed in conjunction with our community.

Curious how you can get your hands on a Sentri? Buy yours today for only $299, and get it delivered on Nov. 27, just in time for the holidays.

Happy Veterans’ Day: Three Quick Tips on Protecting What Matters


With Veterans‚Äô Day this Wednesday, we are grateful for the men and women who embody the value of protecting what matters. Peace of mind¬†is something that carries over into our homes — and in honor of Veteran’s Day, here are some steps to take¬†to protect what matters in your home.¬†

When we think of home, what comes to mind? More than a physical space, we think of our family, our pets, belongings, the memories that go along with it … the list goes on. But how exactly do we safeguard the things we love and protect what matters? Traditional means of security like door locks only go so far, and houses and cars are still constantly being broken into (did you know that a home in the US is broken into once every¬†13 seconds? Source: FBI)¬†

In addition to locking your doors and windows when you leave, you can use a few of these ideas to keep your home safe.

  1. Try setting automatic lights so it looks like there’s someone home. Burglars¬†are far less likely to enter an occupied house. You can use an automatic light timer, or, if you want to be able to turn off your lights anywhere, try a WeMo smart switch!
  2. Make sure to place your valuables in a security safe or tucked away in secret, obscure places. In the event of a robbery, the last thing you want taken is your family heirlooms and jewelry.
  3. Consider investing in a security system. Homes with security are far less likely to be burgalar You can hire a security company to install home-wide alarms and sensors; or, if you’re looking for something more cost-effective and compact, consider getting a self-monitoring solution like Sentri.  Either way, be sure to take advantage of modern sensor and camera technology to ensure that your home is secure.

Thanks to our troops and veterans for their courage and bravery, and helping #protectwhatmatters! 

Safer and Smarter Homes for All

Often, when it comes to a product like Sentri, the story is the product — the what and the how, but today, we wanted to also share the story of who and why we created Sentri, and our vision of safer and smarter homes for all.¬†

When I was a university¬†student, I remember coming home from class one day and noticing that the door was pushed slightly ajar. ‘Strange’, I thought — as my roommates and I would always diligently lock the door behind us when we left. ¬†And it was strange — because what I found inside were drawers left hanging open, desk papers shuffled — and electronics missing.

I was¬†horrified, but beyond filing a police report — there was nothing we could do. We were renters, college students on the move who didn’t fit the profile of traditional home security companies. Fast forward several years, and I still fit that profile — a renter in San Francisco with few options when it comes¬†to home security (except maybe now I care a bit more about home decor now).

And it wasn’t a gap that only I felt either — our founding team (Yen, Ray, Rical, and myself) — hail from Taipei and San Francisco, two cities that are literally languages and oceans apart. But we universally felt the pains that came with not knowing more about our homes, and understood how invaluable a peace of mind truly was.

So we came together to build our namesake product, Sentri — something that could instantly bring a greater peace of mind to any home through a core set of tools — including a wide-angle camera to get to hard-to-see places, real-time security alerts, and sensors that tracked our home’s environmental health. ¬†But we didn’t want to just build another home monitoring¬†product — we knew how much home meant to each of us and for someone to invite Sentri¬†into their home, we needed to build products and experiences that brought the magic of home to life.

We set to work to not just bring these core set of features to market, but we knew that tools by themselves aren’t always the most useful. We needed to design an entire experience that would be¬†simple¬†enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough¬†to grow with a home and the people who lived there. ¬†And, we wanted to make it beautiful¬†— something that we would be proud to see in our homes, and that we could personalize to make our own. Our hardware design is inspired by the simplicity of a frame, and like any good frame, it’s about the stories that they hold and tell.

In Sentri’s case, the story that we’re telling is of our homes themselves — by bringing a home’s key vital readings to the forefront (temperature, humidity, air quality, and alerts related to our home) through an interactive 10.1″ touchscreen, in addition to apps built for iOS and Android (because really, how amazing is it that technology gives us the ability to be home from anywhere?). After all, a home’s physical security is only part of¬†the story,¬†and understanding how your home’s environmental health may change over time is just as important. Imagine if you knew what the effect of your new furniture was on your air quality, how changes in your home’s humidity affected¬†your allergies — ¬†we’re merely scratching the surface of what we know about our homes and the stories they have to share with us.

We’re thrilled to make every home safer and smarter¬†with Sentri, and¬†look forward to bringing a greater peace of mind to your home.

Sentri is now available for pre-order  for $299, and will be coming to a home near you (including yours!) on November 27. 



How to: Your First Week With Sentri

Congratulations on getting your Sentri set up! We know that was ridiculously easy to set up, and the touchscreen is just irresistible to play with. But don’t be fooled by how simple Sentri is to use — it’s packed with some serious tech power and options to personalize so we wanted to call out a few things that you shouldn’t miss during your first week with your Sentri.


Everything you need to get your Sentri set up

Here are five key things you’ll want to be sure to check out in your new all-in-one home security AND control unit.

  • Check In When You’re Away. Start a ‚Äėlive‚Äô video stream from your phone on the Sentri app — now you‚Äôll always know what¬†the household pup is up to when you’re away (and how many treats he sneaks in when you’re not lookin’).¬†
  • Lights on, lights off. Turn on that Philip Hue light and adjust your Nest thermostat, straight from one Sentri app
  • Catch the Thief! Put Sentri on ‚Äėaway‚Äô mode and have someone walk in front of it — check out the snapshot and recorded video¬†clip afterwards!
  • Your Week, In Review. Review all the¬†events, moments, and snapshots from the past week on our timeline straight from the Sentri device — only fingertips required
  • Express Yourself. Change up the background of your Sentri — sunset? sunrise? ¬†Seas or mountains? We‚Äôve got you covered.

Sentri also gets smarter over time — it’ll learn the alerts that matter most to you (you can always tell Sentri which alerts are ‘false alarms’ by marking them in your mobile app), so that you’ll get the info you really need to keep your home safer — and smarter.

Already own a Sentri? Let us know how you use your Sentri with the hashtag #sentriathome. Looking to get your own Sentri? We’re currently sold out, but sign up to reserve your Sentri now to get $20 off AND be the first to know when Sentri is available again.¬†

Sentris First Pop Up Shop

Part of what makes Sentri so unique is how¬†simple it is to set up — making it the ultimate portable security device. So when Westfield asked us to be part of their pop-up Maker’s Lounge this week in downtown San Francisco, we were able to get it set up in seconds — no complex installation or wiring needed (or even phone needed).


Come lounge with us!

And taking it down each night? Just as easy! We loved being able to create a small oasis in the mall, and showing how Sentri could blend into any environment. ¬†Here’s some moments we captured throughout the week on the Sentri cam: